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This project shows the tear off of an old roof and what we often find underneath the existing materials. Often, decking or boards are weathered or rotten, and need to be replaced. Putting new materials on top of a bad roof surface leads to problems such as leaks or roof failure.

As long as the plywood is good and stays dry, it can last forever but once our professional roofers have fixed the underlying cause of the moisture, they will need to replace all the wood affected by the dry or wet rot.

When your plywood decking is rotting, you have a big problem and you’ll need a contractor to fix it for you. One of the biggest warning signs would be a water spot on your ceiling. If the spot gets bigger you’ll have to check it out and head up to the attic for more clues.

Importance of Wood Replacement During A Professional Roof Replacement

  1. 1
    Existing water leak. Ceiling Damage.

    Water Leak With Ceiling Damage

    Any source of water that leaks down to the ceiling will eventually cause damage. Slow ceiling leaks can cause yellowish-brown stains and lead to mold. If there is no plumbing above then it is probably your roof. 

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  2. 2
    Existing roof is systematically failing.

    Existing roof is systematically failing.

    Roofs can fail due to age, storm damage or shingles that have not been properly nailed, flashing shortcuts, poor detail work on penetrations and improper roof-to-wall intersections.

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  3. 3
    Removing shingles has exposed rotten wood caused by the existing leak.

    Rotten Wood Viewable After Old Shingles Removed during Pittsbugh PA Roof Replacement

    Once the shingles are removed it is necessary to remove all the rotted wood and install new. Our professional roofers inspect wood before installing new shingles.

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